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General Electric $ 100 million investment in China Gas Energy Technology

 With China's proposed 'second five' will continue to actively develop clean energy, the U.S. General Electric (GE) (GE.N: Quote) said on Thursday, with PE / VC investment partners invested $ 100 million investment in China Gas energy technology innovation projects and further develop and promote its commercial application process.
GE provides the news release name, the concrete investment including the natural gas, the fresh material gas, the coal bed gas, the shale gas, in the industrial production flow produces has the circulation use value industiral waste gas and so on each kind of fuel gas.  


At the same time, participates in the investment seven private soliciting the stockholder's rights and creating throws the organization to include, the letter capital, the Chinese larch capital, the northern lights create throw, the Chinese general consultation investment, Mai Du to invest, the Shanghai science and technology investment and the shell elegant Asia Consultant firm.

We hoped that found has the creativity energy technology to innovate and to impel its commercialization application advancement ' truly; , GE CEO Immell (Jeffrey Immelt) indicated especially that China the energy need growth reaches every year 20%-30%, the development is very quick, thus is the general energy strategy very important partner.
He pointed out that China is occupying technological revolution the time, the goal is the environmental enhancement and the energy security, and realizes the energy diversification, if can (reduce the innovation desire with some explicit energy conservation platoon) the goal to unify, will then form the very powerful community policy, and brings many technological innovations.
For divides cup of thick soup in swift growth's Chinese clean energy market, the American clean technologies private solicits stockholder's rights fund Hudson Clean Energy Partners beginning of the month to announce that the plan collects the first clean energy Renminbi fund.
Chinese ' 35 ' (2011-2015) plan proposed that before 2015, a natural gas while energy use proportion from the present 4% doubling to 8%., to 2020, the unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions will probably compare in 2005 to drop 40%-45%.
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