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Mechanical Engineer

Number of Recruitment: 3

Work place: Panyu District, Guangzhou

Salary: Negotiated

Validity: Indefinite


Position Discription:

1. Take charge of electrical design

2. Be responsible for designing PCB diagram


Application requirements:

Basic knowledge: digital circuit, articial circuit, low-voltage distribution, drawing

Software: Protel; AutoCAD; Keil C; Quartus II(AHDLorVHDL)

Work experience: can develop microcontroller, familiar with collection and communication as well as controlling and connect circuit.

Those who have experience on lighting system are preferred.

  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical-technology
  2.  familiar with demestic and foreign LED industry and the lastest technology and products, be able to design independently.
  3. familiar to use protel software and know CAD、Solid Works and other softwares.
  4. good professionalism and team-work spirit as well as good communication
  5. more than 2 years in LED design, production and related work


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